Newmarket Family Doctors Opening

Dear patients

As you have probably heard by now, myself, Dr Tania Jardine and Dr David Carroll will be joining with Dr Sonja Morgan from Chermside and starting a new Doctor-Owned medical centre called Newmarket Family Doctors on Level 1 Newmarket Reading Shopping Centre, 400 Newmarket Road, Newmarket.

Full details of our new medical centre can be found at our website.

Appointments 3356 3435


Thank you for all the support that we have received from our patients. Starting a new business is very scary but the well wishes and the lovely emails of support have really carried us all through.

We really believe that we will be building an amazing practice filled with friendly faces and we look forward to seeing you there.

Please remember to go to the website to download a transfer record form. We will also be offering online bookings soon so please bookmark the website URL.

Thanks again

Dr Cedric Chu